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ECON217: Economics of Diversity and Inclusion

This module introduces students to the economics of discrimination with a special focus on how firms and society are working to promote diversity. Students first learn about diversity and inclusion from the firms perspective: what laws and regulations they must abide by and the economic impact of diversity for firm performance. Then they learn about theories of discrimination which explain and contextualize the gaps which EDI policies aim to remedy. Finally, the course finishes by examining the theory and empirical evidence of discrimination against different marginalized groups. The learning materials in the module are drawn from a wide range of sources, integrating new forms of media (such as TikTok and podcasts) with traditional academic literature. Tutorials are grounded in active learning with the aim of developing innovative learning activities to inspire students.

Tutorial Activities

Diverse Teams and Decision Making

Communicating with Memes

Analysis of News with Reflection


Analysis Essay

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