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Current Projects

Please see below for a list of my current research projects. Copies of working papers are available using the hyperlinks. All comments are welcome.


Burn, Ian, Daniel Firoozi, Daniel Ladd, and David Neumark. "Help Really Wanted? The Impact of Age Stereotypes in Job Ads on Applications from Older Workers." NBER WP 30287.

  • Supported by a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Burn, Ian, Patrick Button, and David Schwegman. “Using Text Analysis to Detect Subtle Discrimination in Audit Field Experiments”

  • Supported by a grant from the NSF.

Antinyan, Armenak, Ian Burn, and Melanie Jones. “Is There Hiring Discrimination Against Disabled People in the UK?”

Economics of the LGBT+ Community

Burn, Ian, Ylva Moberg, Lucas Tilley, and Emma von Essen. "The Evolution of the Transgender Population in Sweden: Evidence from 30 Years of Register Data"

  • Supported by a grant from the Swedish Royal Academy of Science.

  • Supported by a grant from FORTE. 

  • Supported by a grant from the Swedish Research Council.

Burn, Ian, Samuel Mann, and Matthew Shannon. "Intergenerational Mobility in the LGBT+ Community: Evidence from the UK"

Other Projects

Burn, Ian and Jennifer Graves. “Employer Perceptions of Working from Home vs. Performative Presenteeism: Evidence from the Lab”

Bregolin, Jacopo, Ian Burn, and Luke Walsh. “Improving Equality Through Bargaining: New Evidence from Pay Transparency Laws”

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