Current Projects

Please see below for a list of my current research projects. Copies of working papers are available using the hyperlinks. All comments are welcome.

Age Discrimination

Burn, Ian, Patrick Button, Luis Felipe Munguia Corella, and David Neumark. “Older Workers Need Not Apply? Ageist Language in Job Ads and Age Discrimination in Hiring

Baert, Stijn, Ian Burn, and Hannah van Borm. “What Does a Job Candidate's Age Signal to Employers

Burn, Ian and David Neumark. "The Effect of Ageist Language on Job Ads on the Job Search Behavior of Older Workers"

  • Supported by a grant from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation ($155,958).

Economics of the LGBT+ Community

Burn, Ian and Michael Martell. "Gender Typicality and Sexual Minority Labor Market Differentials"

Burn, Ian and Emma von Essen. "The Economic and Health Effect of Gender Transitions in Sweden"

  • Supported by a grant from the Swedish Royal Academy of Science (400 000 sek).

  • Supported by a grant from FORTE. 


Economics of Gender

Burn, Ian. "Adherence to Gender Typical Norms and Risky Behavior: An Application of Machine Learning"

Burn, Ian, Jennifer Graves, and Meryl Motika. "Employer Perceptions of Parental Productivity: The Gender Gap or a Mommy Gap?"

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