Please see below for a list of my publications in peer-reviewed journals. Copies of my publications are available using the hyperlinks.  


Burn, Ian, Patrick Button, Theodore Figinski, and Joanne Song McLaughlin "Why Retirement, Social Security, and Age Discrimination Policies Need to Consider the Intersectional Experiences of Older Women" forthcoming in Public Policy and Aging Report.

Burn, Ian and Michael Martell. “The Role of Work Values and Characteristics in the Human Capital Investment by Gays and Lesbians” forthcoming in Education Economics.


Neumark, David, Ian Burn, Patrick Button, and Nanneh Chehras. "Do State Laws Protecting Older Workers from Discrimination Reduce Age Discrimination in Hiring? Evidence from a Field Experiment."  The Journal of Law and Economics 62.2 (2019): 373-402. [Link to the NBER working paper.]

Burn, Ian and Kyle Kettler. “The More You Know, The Better You’re Paid? Evidence from Pay Secrecy Bans for Managers.” Labour Economics 59 (2019), 92-109.

Burn, Ian. “The Relationship Between Prejudice and Wage Penalties for Gay Men in the United States.” ILR Review (2019). [Link to the online appendix.]

Neumark, David, Ian Burn, and Patrick Button. "Is it harder for older workers to find jobs? New and improved evidence from a field experiment." Journal of Political Economy 127.2 (2019):  922-970. [Link to the online appendix.]

Burn, Ian. "Not all laws are created equal: Legal differences in state non-discrimination laws and the impact of LGBT employment protections." Journal of Labor Research 39.4 (2018): 462-497.

Neumark, David, Ian Burn, and Patrick Button. "Experimental age discrimination evidence and the Heckman critique." American Economic Review (Papers & Proceedings) 106.5 (2016): 303-08. 

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