Below is a list of the invited seminars, conferences, and workshops that I have presented at or that I have scheduled.  Presentation slides are available upon request.

Invited Seminars

2020: AEA LGBT+ Research Webinar

2019: University of Liverpool, University of Bristol, NYU Abu Dhabi, University of Bath

2018: Linnaeus University, Uppsala University, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, University of Delaware, Research Institute of Industrial Economics (IFN), University of Ghent

2017: Stockholm University, University of New South Wales, Naval Postgraduate School

2016: University of California-Irvine, California State University-Long Beach

2015: University of California-Irvine



2020: AEA Annual Meetings, European Association of Labor Economists

2019: AEA Annual Meetings, European Society for Population Economics, Conference on the Economics of Sexual Orientation, European Association of Labor Economists, ROA Workshop on Older Workers’ Skills and Retirement Behavior

2018: European Association of Labor Economists, 3rd Dondena Workshop on Public Policy

2017: Southwest Experimental and Behavioral Economics

2016: Western Economic Association, Southern Economic Association

2015: Southern Economic Association, Population Association of America

2014: Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management

2013: Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management