Working Papers

  • Burn, Ian.  2017. "Does Discrimination Determine Women from Majoring in STEM? Evidence from a Lab ExperimentUnder review

 Works in Progress

  • Burn, Ian, David Neumark, and Patrick Button. "Predictors of Age Discrimination in Job Ads: Evidence from a Field Experiment".

  • Burn, Ian and Kyle Kettler. "The More You Know, The Better You're Paid? The Effect of Pay Secrecy Bans On Managers In The United States".

  • Burn, Ian and Michael Martell. "The Role of Independence and Prejudice in the Human Capital Investment Decisions of Gays and Lesbians".

  • Baert, Stijn, Ian Burn, and Hannah van Borm. "Stereotypes as Mediators of Age Discrimination: Evidence from a Vignette Study".



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