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Neumark, David, Ian Burn, and Patrick Button. "Is it Harder for Older Workers to Find Jobs? New and Improved Evidence from a Field Experiment." Forthcoming in the Journal of Political Economy [See our Online Appendix].

Neumark, David,  Ian Burn, and Patrick Button.  2016. "Experimental Age Discrimination Evidence and the Heckman Critique" American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings, 106 (5): 303-308.


Works In Progress 

Burn, Ian, David Neumark, and Patrick Button. "Predictors of Age Discrimination in Job Ads: Evidence from a Field Experiment".

Burn, Ian and Kyle Kettler. "The More You Know, The Better You're Paid? The Effect of Pay Secrecy Bans On Managers In The United States".

Burn, Ian and Michael Martell. "The Role of Independence and Prejudice in the Human Capital Investment Decisions of Gays and Lesbians".

Baert, Stijn, Ian Burn, and Hannah van Borm. "Stereotypes as Mediators of Age Discrimination: Evidence from a Vignette Study".

Working Papers

Burn, Ian.  2017. "Not All Laws are Created Equal: Legal Differences in State Non-Discrimination Laws and the Impact of LGBT Employment Protections" Revise and resubmitat the Journal of Labor Research

Burn, Ian.  2017. "Pride, Prejudice, and Wages: An Empirical Assessment of Models of Taste-Based Discrimination for Gay Men " Revise and resubmit at ILR Review

Burn, Ian.  2017. "Does Discrimination Determine Women from Majoring in STEM? Evidence from a Lab Experiment" Under review

Neumark, David, Ian Burn, Patrick Button, and Nanneh Chehras. 2017. "Do State Age Discrimination Protections Reduce Hiring Discrimination Against Older Workers? Evidence from a Field Experiment"